Hi. I’m Laura Leszczynski. I’m very excited to be a part of this site offering pregnancy help.

Laura Leszczynski Fertility Patient Advocate With statistics like 1 in 8 couples trying to conceive have trouble getting pregnant, I was immediately on board when Stacey Roberts contacted me to see if I could help her help others get pregnant with her fertility program. We quickly came to realize that a fertility membership site was an easy and fast way to help those get pregnant.

However, what started out to simply address “How to get pregnant naturally” and a general “need help getting pregnant” site has evolved into many aspects of infertility including information on: miscarriages, polycystic ovarian syndrome, fertility over 40, secondary miscarriage, male infertility, endometriosis, unexplained fertility and overall wellness to prepare for pregnancy.

I’m proud of this opportunity to help those struggling to conceive.

This site not only gives information it shares compassion. With Stacey having had fertility issues, her friends (like me) were along for her journey. She shared her struggles and later her incredible triumphs in helping others get pregnant. With Stacey in a position to help those who needed it, I envied her role in making a difference in the lives of many.

However, it wasn’t until my sister-in-law lost her battle to cancer that thrust me into this project.

Cancer did more than open my eyes

Suzy was 47 and left behind my brother and their 2 children, ages 7 & 10 at the time she passed. She went through 2 miscarriages and fought like hell to have those kids. When the cancer took her, she wasn’t ready to go. We weren’t ready to have her leave. It was awful. After each of her doctor visits, the reality that life is short smacked me in the face.

You know how they say, “Something good will come out of this”? Well, I’ve searched high, low and in-between to find the good in losing a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend and the only smattering is the awareness that I needed to be doing something more with my life. Something to help others live a greater life…anything! Enter the conversation with Stacey about helping others get pregnant and I was all in.

This is for you and for me

I’ve been blessed to have 3 healthy kids and I know some would argue that their existence should be enough to fill my quest to be more. I love being a mom–more than anything. I can’t imagine life without them. I also can’t imagine you not having the chance to be a parent if you want to. I want to be a part of helping you and giving you hope so you can experience the joys of having a family.

So, here we are. While this site is for those trying to get pregnant, it is also helping me. Stacey’s doing great things and this membership site is an opportunity to reach that many more people. I hope you join us on the inside as she’ll guide you with pregnancy help on this confusing journey to fulfill your dreams.

Be well and I wish you great health and happiness,


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