It was 2004 when I first saw headlines that changed everything I had thought about women and fertility. In the Sydney Morning Herald I saw the headline “Women May Be Able to Regenerate Their Eggs”.

Dr. Tilly’s research has been dismissed and ignored for many years, until recently.   With new evidence mounting from human tissue not mice, Dr. Tilly has shown once again that there is real evidence that women were not born with x amount of eggs and run out of them but that women may regenerate them each month similar to how the sperm regenerates every 3 months or so.

Here is an excellent video for you about the study published in Nature

If this is true and it certainly makes sense based on what EVERY other cell in the body does, women can regenerate their eggs like men regenerate sperm then this is likely the main reason that our program works so well for couples when they have been told there is no hope for them.

A study at Stanford University says the follicles in women can take 8 menstrual cycles to develop and within these follicles are the developing egg cells that are eventually released. So over this period of time women with lifestyle changes, and optimal hormone balance and nutrition could likely improve the quality of their eggs just like we see an improvement in sperm quality over 3-6 months.

Egg cells are like any other cell in the body. They need nutrients and optimal hormone balance to grow from a stem cell to a specified cell like an egg or a sperm and work optimally.  My Five Step Fertility Solution covers all the bases a couple needs to address to improve overall cellular health.  And remember your eggs, sperm and endometrial lining are all just made of cells.