Trying to conceive?

You’re probably visiting this site because you’re trying to get pregnant and maybe having trouble.

Our hearts go out to you because we’ve been there. We’ve witnessed countless other in your same situation. But there’s hope.

When trying for a baby, thousands were told they had minimal to no chance of becoming pregnant but instead are now proud parents because they didn’t give up. They put their trust in an experienced professional with a clinically proven Program that has been associated with over 7000 babies. This could be you.

Here’s a sneak peak of the Five Step Fertility Solution Program.  The information is provided in various formats including video, audio, pdfs, webinars, and emails. Keep reading to find out how you can get exclusive access to a fertility expert.


5 Step Fertility Solution

Based on the remarkable book, The Fertility Bible, the Program goes into an in depth explanation of the 5 Step Fertility Solution in the 9 Module video program you will have access to. It’s hours of incredibly powerful information expanding upon the book The Fertility Bible gives you detail on the whys, the hows and action steps to help you conceive. It really goes into great detail about what your doctor may not have told you about your fertility. The program focuses on preparing both the male and female bodies to create healthy eggs, healthy sperm and a healthy endometrial lining for a viable pregnancy. You will learn the most commonly overlooked areas with fertility and how to address them.  You will tap into insightful and refreshing possibilities and be armed with the knowledge to help you get more out of your doctors appointments, ultimately helping you take charge of your fertility. This program shows you how to focus on the possibilities and opens your mind to challenging old fertility theories. It’s a must watch and learn if you want to get pregnant.

Member Forum

We know and applaud the efforts of the amazing fertility forums that exist online. However, our Forum is different. It’s an optional bonus geared toward discussing specific topics derived from our webinars and tips designed specifically for you. “Sometimes I didn’t even know the questions to ask until I started listening to Stacey’s webinars.” We’ve learned that after our webinars, participants are even more hungry to keep the conversation going. The Fertility Forum is a great opportunity to find answers to the questions thought of after the webinar.



Fertility Tips

We know it’s easy to get frustrated and lost in the sea of information accessible via the Internet. What should you believe? Whom should you trust? As part of the Program, you will get easy to consume tips and action steps to help you get pregnant. Whether you are newly starting your fertility journey or feeling defeated with past efforts, you’ll find these tips are filled with wisdom and proven ideas. By focusing on one element of fertility at a time, the tips can help inspire, educate, strengthen your relationships and ease your mind improving your chances to create the little life you long for.

Latest Fertility News

There are a lot of theories about fertility that are old, outdated and unchallenged. As part of the Program, you get the privilege and accessibility to the latest fertility news including hot topics, new research, studies and products. We break down the information into easy-to-understand language so you can apply it to your body, your life and your situation. We are dedicated to helping you achieve maximum results through the power of information to enhance your fertility.  Guest interviews and information from our own experts will guide you and empower you to stay on the cutting edge.



Audio & Video

We have years of experience to share and we know that sometimes it’s faster for you to access it in the form of audio and video podcasts rather than dedicating hours to reading information. You can go for a walk or drive to work while listening to cutting edge information, seminars, discussions, conferences and tips. Prepare dinner or pick up the house while watching one of our informational videos (just don’t take your device to the bathroom with you LOL).  But seriously, with access available at your fingertips, you can fit fertility planning and preparing your body for pregnancy into any aspect of your lifestyle.

Live Webinars

Get the information you need in our educational and interactive webinars. As part of the Program, you get insight and details on valuable topics, conferences and workshops learning new ways to think about fertility while applying this information to your overall health as well.  The webinars and access to the recordings will contain information that can help  prepare your body for pregnancy.  These webinars will cover what you must know about the different topics that effect your particular fertilit issue.  Our format allows for easy access and participation–you can do it from the privacy of your home or even at work, on your breaks of course :0) or listen to the recordings if you are unable to make the live events.




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