In a recently published article once again it is confirmed that toxins affect fertility in both men and women.  This particular study and countless others show the effects of environmental toxins can be a major disruptor to your fertility and to hormones in general.

In 500 couples studied “researchers analyzed blood levels of the designated environmental chemicals and the length of time each couple took to get pregnant and found that for each unit increase in blood concentration of 12 pollutants was associated with anywhere from a 17% to 29% decrease in odds of creating a pregnancy.”

The article goes on to say that “one of the most striking findings of the study included the stronger associations between exposure to chemicals and fertility among men. For women, blood levels of one chemical previously used to make stain resistant products and three PCBs were associated with 18% to 21% lower odds of getting pregnant. For men, higher blood concentrations of eight chemicals, including one pesticide and seven PCBs, were associated with a 17% to 29% percent reduction in the odds that his partner would get pregnant. In fact, the association for some of these chemicals is as strong as the association between reduced fertility and age, study authors say.”

So this can explain why we see some couples struggling to become pregnant and have been diagnosed as unexplained or simply age as the main factor.

I believe this is overlooked mostly because conventional medicine does not believe you can do anything about this chemical exposure.  There is not a drug that can be prescribed to remove the toxins from the system.  But as you will see soon, you don’t need drugs to get some of these chemicals out and improve your fertility.

For the last half of my practice I have been testing patients more extensively for heavy metals especially if they work in a chemically laden environment or when their thyroid is not regulating, their thyroid antibodies are elevated and stop improving, or embryos are not creating pregnancy with a procedure.  In some cases the findings have shown significant issues.  Many of these patients are showing high levels of toxins or low levels of absorption of nutrients.

Therefore, after a speciality cleanse that I have designed, where I have put patients on the program for 3 months while they are taking a break from procedure or from trying naturally, we test again to see if we have created the improvement that we want to.  Keep in mind most of our pregnancies happen within 6 to 8 months of beginning the program.  This isn’t surprising based on the follicle actually taking 8 menstrual cycles to develop before it ever shows up on the ovary and the sp taking up to 3 month to mature and therefore 6 months would end up being two regeneration cycles of the sp.

I still don’t do this test for all patients right away due to the added expense and due to a significant number of patients not needing it. But of course, it can be done straight away if patients prefer or if there is a known exposure either currently or in their history.

There are two ways available to test.  One via hair mineral analysis and the other via a urine analysis. There is some controversy saying the hair mineral analysis is inaccurate but I have seen some pretty amazing results when this test was used and we addressed the results.  So I feel it can be quite useful especially if the patient colors her hair regularly and cannot do the Hair Mineral Analysis.   If you haven’t had this done and you are not in the middle of an assisted cycle, these may be the tests for you.

Costs for these tests can range from 100-300.00 depending on where you live. If you contact us at with where you live and that you are looking for someplace to do the Hair Mineral Analysis for heavy metals we will try to point you in the right direction.

Here is one example of how this type of testing can help.

One woman who is in her late 30’s with elevated thyroid antibodies which were initially decreasing while on our program hit a bit of a plateau of improvement.  She was unsure if she should go ahead with the IVF cycle we were working towards preparing her for because her thyroid antibodies were still elevated and for some this puts them at a greater risk of miscarriage.

So we did the hair mineral analysis and found that her levels of several chemicals such as uranium, cadmium, lead, and mercury were elevated.  After intervention all except the uranium  returned to normal.  She made sure she switched to a reverse osmosis water filter to further decrease her exposure to this particular chemical. So with the last chemical stubbornly remaining in the elevated range we decided to up the potency of her program and the month before she was to go to her IVF cycle we tested her antibodies and they were normal.  And it was on that cycle that she conceived naturally.

Here are the products I use for a Natural Fertility Cleanse:

Herbal Fibre BLend, Composure, a High Quality Probiotic, Coriander and sometimes Chlorella

Instructions and read on for info on how to get some of these products wholesale:

First a powder called Herbal Fiberblend also available in capsules in some countries, which is unfortunately not a pleasant-tasting powder. I affectionately refer to it as “dirt”.  You would take one to two teaspoons of Herbal Fiberblend each day mixed in a shot of filtered water and follow it with a full glass of filtered water. Because it can often be difficult to get down and finish drinking, I don’t want you to mix the powder in a full glass of filtered water. Just the quick shot followed by the full glass of filtered water to activate the fibre portion of the powder will have the best impact.  If you are choosing the capsules, then take 3-6 and drink a full glass of filtered water.

I’d like you to do this procedure at night before bed and you should allow 10 to 20 minutes after taking the Herbal Fiberblend before you take your probiotic. So, for example, if you have a shower you could take the Herbal Fiberblend and then have your shower before taking your probiotic. The probiotics I recommend are Nourishing Flora and Polybac 8 in Australia, Primal Defense in other countries and Mercola’s Complete probiotics in USA.

You can start with the Herbal Fiberblend once a day but then gradually increase to a morning dose as well. This product is a great bowel reconditioner which cleans out the bowel well.

Whenever using Herbal Fibre Blend,  I would like you to take is called Composure, which is a combination of great herbs to optimise the integrity of the gut. The gut gets a good cleanout with the Herbal Fiberblend and the probiotic to lay down the good bacteria and then you are also working on the integrity of the lining so that nutrients are able to get absorbed more effectively. You would take one of the Composure with breakfast and one with dinner.

Consider the procedure something like when a scab is ripped off the skin and the tissue beneath is a bit red and inflamed. So, as you clear the bowel, some of that inflammation might be left and I want you to soothe that inflammation with the use of the mucilaginous herbs in the Composure.

You can obtain both the Herbal Fiberblend and Composure wholesale from a company located in different countries called The AIM COmpanies and I can send you a form to order direct. I suggest you order one canister of Herbal Fiberblend and two bottles of Composure, which will last you for the eight weeks of the cleanse.

To purchase wholesale you would contact AIM in your country and give them my distributor number 684035 or email us at

If you have high levels of mercury, lead or cadmium, Chlorella is an excellent product as well.  Chlorella needs to have a Broken Cell Wall to be digested by humans for it to be effective.  If you have high iron levels chlorella may not be a supplement for you.  Men and post menopausal women should have their iron levels monitored while on Chlorella due to not menstruating and therefore iron could build up in their system.

In addition, it’s always good to have coriander in your diet, as coriander is a great heavy-metal detoxifier. If you can find a coriander supplement, it would be great to take the supplement as well. But putting coriander in fresh foods and cooking with coriander is a great way to include this detoxifier in your eating plan.

I recommend you have another Hair Mineral Analysis in approximately six months and, if we don’t see the movement we would like of the heavy metals, you will need to bump up your supplementation to additional tablets to try to bind to the metals and excrete them through urine or faeces. It is best to see a health practitioner to help you monitor this process.

Happy Cleansing!

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