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Did you ever think trying to get pregnant
was going to be this hard?!

Are you Frustrated?  Confused?

Depressed about not being able to conceive?

Or, are you angry, even scared

that having a family is not going to happen for you?


Hi. My name is Stacey Roberts and I know how you feel because I’ve been there.

I know what it feels like to be paralyzed by infertility.

It was ruining my life not to mention my marriage and other relationships. All my friends were having babies and starting or expanding their families. I asked myself, ‘What is wrong with me?’   I’d wake up each day hoping – desperately –  that this would be the month it would happen.

I felt trapped and alone.

I was like you, a normal female, who most of my adult life had been trying to AVOID getting pregnant but now found myself ready.  Ready to have kids and move onto that next normal step in my life.

Afterall, I was with a partner who wanted kids too.  We both had jobs.  I was a Physical Therapist and after 6 years of schooling, and almost a decade in the work force it was time to take that next step of starting a family. 

I went into physical therapy because I love to help people and the human body has always fascinated me.

I actually thought at first that I wanted to be a doctor but I quickly found out after an injury playing college basketball that doctors didn’t spend a lot of time with their patients.

That bothered me because I wanted to build a relationship with my patients.  I wanted to really get to know them and support them through the difficulties in their lives.  So I changed my major and after 6 years of science and research became a physical therapist.  Everything seemed to be falling into place.

While working hospitals as a physical therapist I would often visit the maternity floors to see the little new born babies that had just entered the world that day or night.

I remember being overwhelmed and thinking,

“Wow, what a little miracle of life”.

It filled me up with hope and love, and in my mind I knew that some day I was going to be holding one of my own.


The politics of health care were beating me down.

In my 30s, the red tape of working in hospitals starting getting to me.  Patient “care” became more about how much money was coming in, meeting projections and charging for certain treatments that were more lucrative for the hospital or clinic than what the patient actually needed or wanted.

 This experience motivated me into going out on my own.

During this exhilarating yet frightening time,  I met my future husband who had the same desire for a big family and we would marry a few years later.

Sometimes I beat myself up wondering if I should’ve started trying sooner and if that would’ve made a difference…

Fast forward a couple years and my husband gets a job opportunity in Australia. So we packed up our stuff, put it in temporary storage and headed Down Under.

Something was wrong with me

When I was in Australia, I wasn’t physically well. I was tired all the time.  Fatigued.  Taking naps throughout the day.  I had dry skin patches above my eyes, and itchy rashes popping up here and there on my body.

You Will Never Guess What The Doctor Told Me…

During this same time I was trying to get pregnant. It just wasn’t happening.

But, the doctors said,

“You are fine.”

“All your bloods look normal.”

One doctor even told me with a light-hearted laugh,

“Your eggs just don’t know what time zone they are in”.

I could have used a more supportive answer.

Now my eggs are in the wrong time zone?!

I was completely lost.

I didn’t know what to do.

To add to my confusion, my friends who had Polycystic Ovaries, endometriosis, miscarriages and other issues WERE becoming pregnant.  

No one could tell me why it wasn’t happening for me.  

Everything looked “normal”. (I wish I knew then what I know now.)

“Paper or plastic?”

Time seemed to march on slowly and I became more and more despondent.

I remember one time as I stood in line at the store to buy another pregnancy and ovulation test, the cashier looked at me with a hopeful smile. I begrudgingly smiled back realizing she had no idea the pain and disappointment these tests have brought.

Then she asked, “Want a bag for this? Paper or Plastic?”

I wanted to scream, 

“Of course I do! I don’t want everyone to know I’m struggling to have a baby.”  

She, like many others couldn’t see the pain that I was in. Not many knew what I was going through. As you know, fertility issues are not often understood by those who haven’t experienced them.  I heard so many “helpful” comments from those who thought we should have been pregnant by now.  

Comments like, “Just Relax.  You are trying to hard.”  or “Don’t you want a big family to fill up that house?” or “Go on a vacation. Have some wine.  That’s what happened with us and we weren’t even trying.”

So with comments like this, I only told a select few the actual struggles we had faced.

And I’ve learned over the years that I wasn’t alone in keeping my struggles a secret.  

I’m guessing like you, I had no idea I was going to have issues becoming pregnant.


Then something happened that would change my life.


During one of my lowest times, I was sitting in my kitchen when there was a knock on the front door. It seemed too late to be one of my neighbors so I peeked through the curtain but didn’t see anyone.

At my doorstep was a package. I remember thinking…I didn’t order anything. Then I got hopeful. Maybe my husband was surprising me with something to get me out of this depressed state of mind. Maybe my mom sent me a care package to cheer me up.

The hope drained from my body when I  opened the box.  It was filled with only a pamphlet, a cassette tape, and some tablets.  No flowers and definitely no yummy care package.

I felt like just throwing it all out but for some reason I didn’t. I think I was desperate for anything to help.  I never took any sort of pills and didn’t believe that supplements did anything if you ate a good diet.  But at this point I was open to anything and just wanted to feel better.

It’s not what you think

Wait! You might be thinking I’m trying to sell you some vitamin. Actually no! I’m not. I’m sharing this story with you because the contents of this package opened up my eyes to an avenue I had never considered.

But I didn’t just pop some pills.  I paused my life and jumped into the new angle of research. I devoured everything I could about it on the internet. I talked to doctors and experts. I stayed at the library until closing going through medical journals.

I did enough research to convince me to take the supplements.

And yep, you guessed it,

I started to genuinely feel better!

My skin cleared. I no longer experienced constipation. And, best of all, my fatigue lifted.

BUT I still WASN’T pregnant…

YET I felt like I was onto something.

So with a refreshed point of view and a glimmer of hope, I shifted my focus to do even more research on fertility issues.

I tried to pin point:

What do I HAVE to KNOW to get pregnant?

What do I NEED to TAKE to get pregnant.

Despite my quest and drive to get these answers, that glimmer of hope was fading.


The madness was all consuming


I was getting lost in the swirl of the roller coaster of he said/she said. I just wanted answers and help. What I got was more confusion.  

One webpage would say take this supplement to get pregnant and another would say that supplement was dangerous in pregnancy.  UGHHH!!  I was so frustrated.

Even though I had a strong science background, it seemed like there were no answers, just more questions.

I got so spun around I didn’t know what to do.

My choices were limited–not what I thought I would find.

1. Go to my doctor. Pay for expensive tests that may or may not show me the root problem. (Been there. Done that.)

2. Take this pill or do that procedure, spending thousands, but with no guarantee it would work.

3. Try IVF. Pay thousands of dollars for a success rate of 25-35% (That rate showcases Pregnancies Only and not actual babies.) How was I going to afford that? Money was an issue and I had just got my health back.  Even if we could afford it, I wondered what all those hormones would do to me.

4. Keep searching the web, alone, night after night, hour upon hour, until my eyes actually dried out from being so tired of staring at the computer screen.

The more I researched, the more confusing and conflicting all the information became despite my background and education in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry.

As much as I loved learning about the human body…I was at war with my own.

It seemed my body was turning against me.

On top of me trying to “figure this out”, my confidence in myself and the medical system was waning while my relationship was crumbling.

In the midst of all this research, my husband and I decided to gather and review all the test results from the various doctors we saw. (REmember… they told me not too long before that these test results were “normal”.) My doctors said they “weren’t sure why it wasn’t happening” for us so I had nothing to lose…

But, I had everything to gain.

Low and behold based on MY research everything was NOT fine.  There were significant quality issues with my partner’s semen analysis and I had a “subclinical” glandular problem that was being ignored.  

I was enraged!  

It had been three years and NO ONE EVER mentioned any of these things to us!

This was too much for our marriage

Not only was I “fighting” with my doctors, but my husband I are were fighting too.

The monthly grieving.

The blame game.

The guilt.

The lost hope.

The lack of control.

The helplessness.

My relationship began to deteriorate. And, even though I did not want to admit it, I was afraid the damage was irreparable.  

There were NO instructions manuals on how to handle all this pain.

Time seemed to whiz by…

Another week,
another period,
another birthday would come and go with
NO pregnancy.

My partner and I were growing further and further apart and I was overwhelmed with a cloud of helplessness hovering my everyday life UNTIL…

A spark of hope once again drifted into my life.

One day, over a decade ago, I serendipitously met a woman who would change my life and subsequently the lives of thousands of others.  

After sharing my story and background with her, she said she saw something in me that made her think I was the perfect fit to help others and take on this monster of infertility. She said she found me to be “trustworthy and sincere”–so much so, that she chose me to train so I could take over her natural therapies clinic. (She was retiring.)

Here’s the best part…

Her clinic miraculously specialized in helping couples become pregnant!

Ruth Sharkey was an international fertility expert!

Talk about an exhale!

Relief was coupled with hope and excitement.  I began feeling empowered and absolutely invigorated!

I saw some of Ruth Sharkey’s patients were actually getting pregnant with the methods she used.

FINALLY I was getting answers that made sense!

When I confided in my closest friends about what I was doing, they were a bit worried.

“I saw you live through that pain and heartache.  Your marriage crumbled, other relationships became rocky, and each month you were filled with grief.  Why would you want to revisit all of that?”  

This seemed insane to them.  

Wouldn’t it be painful to see couples getting pregnant every day when it didn’t work for me? You just seemed to get through it all, why don’t you just walk away and move on and build your new life.

I could’ve just walked away and moved on with my life but…

THAT seemed more insane to me than sharing what I had painstakenly learned.  

Suddenly it seemed to all make sense.  

I felt obligated and inspired to help other women get pregnant and AVOID or at the very least lessen the pain on their journey towards pregnancy.  I wanted women to become empowered to take charge of their own fertility. With my new opportunity, I got some answers.

However, there were still a few holes that my skeptical science based mind needed to understand. 

The number of pregnancies was impressive BUT I saw if I applied a bit of science to the process, we could get even better results.

And boy oh boy, was I right!

Within the first year of applying my new and improved scienced based approach, we doubled the number of pregnancies per therapist!

So I kept on digging…

I had a lot of questions and I ended up getting some very important answers.

I’ve learned that there are 2 types of people out there.   The first is the one who accepts what everybody else is doing and follows without asking too many questions. The second is the one who challenges the status quo and asks, “Why?” or realizes “that doesn’t make sense” and then tries to find another way.   One of my patient put it succinctly when she said,…

“Common sense is not always medical sense.”

If you’re still reading this, then I’ll bet you can relate to this concept that conventional medicine doesn’t always have all the answers especially when it comes to fertility issues.  You know first hand that medications, procedures, and trying every sexual position known to man hasn’t worked yet.

It’s time to shift from helplessness to hope, from passive to assertive, and from distraught to pregnant.

It’s time to ignore the other experts that don’t seem to be helping. It’s time to get more credible, actionable, empowering information from someone who has been there and has moved forward to hold your hand and help you along the way.

Why should you listen to me?  

When I took over the clinic, I got educated. I mean really educated

I dug deep into the research of fertility asking the questions only those with fertility issues would know to ask.

I found the science behind it, the proof that it works.  I was determined to prove them wrong so that I could help you.   I used my science background and delved deeper into the safe alternatives available that were relatively unknown or scattered about and difficult to find.

I discovered a way to address the probable causes of various fertility issues.

This persistence is how I was able to come up with:

A solution—a plan—on how to WIN this WAR on infertility

WHILE making you AND your relationship stronger and healthier increasing your chances to become pregnant.  

I’m here to tell you that you can join the thousands around the world that created the family they dreamed of while getting control of your life back.  

You no longer have to be a victim of this frustrating waiting game.

You can learn from couples and singles who took the right steps, 5 of them to be exact, to make their dream of creating a pregnancy come true.

The 5 proven steps that help optimize egg and sperm health, embryo quality and decrease chances of a miscarriage.

I’ll show you how:

You can possibly save yourself thousands of dollars along with saving you weeks and months even years of undue heartache.

It’s the smart and healthy way to get your body on track to getting pregnant.

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Aren’t you sick of hearing about others getting pregnant?

Especially when they say they “weren’t even trying”?! I used to think I was being punished every time I heard someone say that…

It was like a punch in the gut.

Or, What about when you’re told your eggs are too old?

Or sorry, You started too late?

How motivating is it when doctors say the only way to get pregnant when you’re over 35 is to try an expensive procedure that’s not covered under insurance and out of your budget?  

What if you found the money, tried the procedure, spent the thousands but like so many others, still no baby?

Or, Maybe you’ve experienced miscarriage after miscarriage and your search for why you keep losing those pregnancies or

Why the embryos don’t stick comes up empty?  

Whatever your fertility issue you are experiencing, my heart bleeds for you. I can feel the devastation and pit in your stomach when yet another period arrives.

Each month it’s mourning a loss so intensely it can be crippling.

I remember the feeling of holding my friends newborn baby and she was touched that I had tears in my eyes.  But as those tears rolled down my cheek I knew I wanted to be happy for her but right at that moment my heart ached for the joy of holding my own new born.

Most doctors shook their heads

Or they made snide remarks to my patients when the patient told them they were using my program.

They didn’t understand.  

They didn’t see this research in medical school, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t real.  I had to work hard to get doctors to take my program seriously.  

Doctors stopped doubting and some even started referring.    


Because their patients were becoming pregnant!

They could no longer fob it off as coincidence or luck.

They realized we looked beyond the “normal” or typical tests.

We gathered data on the thousands that got pregnant in my clinic. These were people who were told it couldn’t happen for them.

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If you have read this far, before you go any further,

Here is what you MUST KNOW:


What are the probable CAUSES of YOUR fertility issue?  


Even if you have a diagnosis or have been told it is unexplained, THERE is ALWAYS a CAUSE.  

The medical system often skims over this, it was designed to treat the symptoms, not the cause.

You may have had some medical and natural fertility experts say their medication or their particular herb or vitamin will get you pregnant. Many times this is just a band-aid and not addressing the probable cause of the issues.  

You deserve more than a band-aid

You don’t have to buy into the belief that you have to pay enormous amounts of money for a procedure like IVF or  more importantly, put your body through the wringer to have a baby.  

You have to prepare for this  

To be clear…

I’m not against IVF.

What I am against is women being disempowered and beaten down and scared into doing a procedure without any preparation for a procedure that has low success rate and makes you feel physically and emotionally miserable in the process.    

One study asked couples at a fertility clinic to track all their out-of-pocket expenses over a period of 18 months. This included what they paid for the IVF itself, as well as medications and monitoring costs.

They found that for couples going through IVF, the average amount spent was $19,234.

(Couples spent on average $6,955 per each additional IVF cycle.)

Why not increase your odds and protect that investment by getting your body ready for the procedure?

Would you run a marathon without ever training? No! You’d take all the necessary steps so you would have the best chance to succeed and finish the race.

Your doctor may be wrong

You may feel your dream of having a baby is slipping away.

You’re fearful of having to face a life without pregnancy.  

You’re in this weird place of professionals telling you it’s not your fault but they don’t know what’s wrong but your eggs are too old or you have this or that diagnosis and there’s nothing you can do about it.  

Or even worse…

You have well-meaning friends or even your spouse telling you the 6 most stinging words:

“Maybe it’s not meant to be”.

STOP! Get back the hope and get back on track.

I’ve treated so many women who were told it’s time to move on and go to Plan B only to have them get pregnant and prove the experts wrong!

So many women are being duped into thinking there is something wrong with them.

I hear over and over again that the AMH test is an indicator of your fertility.


This has been proven to be an INACCURATE blood test to determine fertility.

It tells you NOTHING about fertility.

YET clinician after clinician still uses it to determine a person’s fertility and rushes them into procedures that are even less likely to work!   I hear patients tell me they were told they have poor response to medication or a procedure.

Have they told you it may be the medication or the dosage that’s the issue and not your ovarian reserve?

Probably not.

I hear women being told they have age related fertility but the problem is that is being told to women at almost any age. I had a 29 year old woman diagnosed with age related fertility issues.


If you can’t tell, this misinformation and disempowering of females makes me ANGRY!

You CAN dramatically boost your chances of having a baby.

You can gain back control of your life.

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I get so angry…

Because for over a decade I’ve seen and felt the raw and UNNECESSARY shame, fear and panic from my patients as they desperately sat across the table telling me their story.

With tears streaming down their faces, I’ve heard about procedure after procedure. Doctor visit after doctor visit.

I heard the misinformation about medication and statistics.  

I’ve heard the same reference to a graph that is COMPLETELY OUTDATED showing how fertility plummets after 30 or 35.

It was time to empower those trying to conceive.


No more solely trusting doctors and relying on the medical system.

It was time to give well-researched, up to date, timely information that could make the difference between being childless or being a mother.

NO couple should have to go through what I went through.


The current system isn’t working

My experience and yours has proven this to be a medical system that frankly gets some pretty dismal results with their procedures alone. It’s not working.

CLICK HERE to find out what does work

Why hasn’t my doctor told me this?


I hear it over and over again with each new patient. I wish I had the answer but honestly, I don’t.  

My direction, focus and practice is based on research I’ve found in medical journals as well as traditional protocols that have stood the test of time and are associated with my clinics 7103 pregnancies.  

They don’t call me the Baby Maker for nothing!

I am tired of seeing women misinformed, feeling battered and afraid and often times walking away from their dream of having a baby because they thought they did everything they could to become pregnant, when actually there is so much more they didn’t know about because no one ever told them.

The good news is there is something you can do to significantly increase your chances to get pregnant now and create the family your long for.

But wait.  

If you read this far and are still not sure you have to ask yourself,

“Am I  READY to do everything I can to create a pregnancy now?”  

If you think you have done it all or are not willing to take that extra step with this plan, then stop reading now and let go of the dream of having a baby and move on with your life.

You see, with this information you are required to take your destiny into your own hands and run with it.


If you’re looking for a magic pill or procedure to help you, then this information is NOT FOR YOU.

This all starts with a simple program beginning with these 5 steps:

  1. Fertile Foods:  You must understand the foods to fuel your fertility and create an Optimal Eating.  This includes knowing the foods that hurt or detract from your fertility.

You can change the health of your cells

Our foods, whether we like it or not, are the fuel for our cells. Your eggs, ovaries and endometrial lining where that little embryo attaches is made up of cells.  Despite what your doctor may say, the health of those cells CAN improve. There are studies to prove it. I have patients prove it all the time.

Sandy went from NO eggs being fertilized with IVF to 6 out of 6 eggs being fertilized after our program. Not only did she create a pregnancy she has 2 frozen embryos available for a future baby brother or sister.

2. Avoid Endocrine Disruptors: Deadly for your Fertility

Did you know (indirectly or not) that there are chemicals you ingest every day from your foods and your environment that have been shown to upset the delicate hormone balance needed to conceive?

There are common chemicals that impact your fertility

It is imperative that you learn the most common toxic chemicals to avoid and how you can minimize your exposure to those as well as other lesser known chemicals to see how they impact your fertility.  Many of these hormone disruptors can be found in foods, drinks and products you use every day.

Joe and Melinda came to me looking for help. Even though Joe was told he didn’t have any issues with his sperm, I knew that his work as a mechanic exposed him to toxic chemical fumes.  After educating and introducing them to our Five Steps and identifying some of the most common chemicals that disrupted both male and female fertility at home and work, Joe and Melinda are now proud parents of a little boy that they conceived naturally.

3. Most Vitamins Sold will do little to help your fertility because they are the wrong ones!

While supplementation is extremely important when you are dealing with fertility issues, most waste a lot of money, hundreds if not thousands of dollars, buying poor quality supplements that don’t work.

How much money have you wasted buying a supplement because you read an article by a journalist who has no experience on how to help people with fertility issues and you’ve gotten no results?

There is a way the chemistry of appropriate supplementation can significantly improve the function of your reproductive system and the hormones that support it.

Some herbs and vitamins are better for fertility

Certain herbs can help support your fertility but without knowing the right ones, it can be just a waste of your hard earned money. It is imperative you understand which herbs are best for you and your fertility.

Karen bought the most supplements of anyone I know.  She literally came to see me with a bucket of bottles and boxes of supplements and herbs that she was taking at different stages to help her fertility.  She was so fed up because everywhere she went there was someone saying try this herb or try this vitamin.  She felt like she wasted so much money in the process and was told by her doctor that they wouldn’t make a difference anyway.

Once her supplementation program was streamlined based on what we learned she needed, she felt better. She and her husband felt so much better in their overall health they found their renewed commitment to working towards creating the life that they longed for.

4. Exercise Too Much or Too Little?  How to Determine the Goldilocks “just right” amount of exercise to help you conceive.

We know that you increase your chances to get pregnant when your hormones are balanced.  Exercise is a part of this balancing act. However, most don’t know what to do or how much to do. It is important to find the exercise formula that is right for you to optimize hormone balance.

Kim had an ovulation disorder and was given a doctor prescribed medication to “fix” it.  The medication did not help her get pregnant. When she came to us and she followed the above steps 1-3, her cycle became more regular. But, it wasn’t until she added her adjusted exercise program that we saw her weight shift and her cycle regulate.

When your cycle is regular, it takes a lot of the guessing game out of timing intercourse and finding the right time to conceive.

Although a regular cycle doesn’t guarantee a pregnancy, for Kim and her partner this was the answer.  They welcomed their little girl into this world after naturally addressing her hormone balance with our plan.

5. Decrease Stress Increase Fertility

This step is probably the most controversial.

Your doctor may tell you that stress doesn’t affect your fertility but studies say otherwise.  

In researching women and fertility issues, a test discovered a stress hormone found in their saliva was many times higher in those that went on to have fertility issues.

Everyone thinks they know about emotional stress and how to address it but… MOST PEOPLE USE INEFFECTIVE STRESS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES, some of which are actually detrimental to your fertility.

Steps 1-4 mainly help minimize, or in some cases eliminate, a significant amount of physiological stress. This is the stress that affects your hormones by what you eat or what your body is exposed to. But the big one that is rarely, if ever, discussed in mainstream medicine…

Is the toll that emotional stress does to the body especially how it affects hormone balance.

I see one or two prominent IVF physicians connect stress and fertility.

But they are missing the big picture.

The studies show stress must be addressed but only when the above 4 steps are added simultaneously will the whole effort significantly increase your chances of becoming pregnant with a viable pregnancy.

Michelle had difficulty with her fertility and she felt the embryos weren’t sticking.   She was in a high-powered job and exercised for a good 2 hours a day. Her cycles were long which gave her a false sense she may have been pregnant when in reality the embryos weren’t progressing.

When we met, she was resistant to addressing her stress because she said, “there are a lot of stressed out people getting pregnant”. So, I educated her on how stress impacts bodies differently.

For example,

if I lined up 10 terribly stressed people, one might live to 100, another might have a skin issue, another might have high blood pressure, another might have thyroid issues and another might have fertility issues.

When this clicked, she went back to her partner and they both took a good look at their lifestyle, health and bodies.

They thought it was a no-brainer to manage their stress. With the tools they were given, they figured the best case scenario was they would get pregnant.

Worst case scenario is they would be healthier.

I’m happy to report the best case came true and they added a baby to their already busy lives.

But wait. As I said, not all stress management strategies are helpful. In fact, they can be just the OPPOSITE.

Do you know the ones you are probably doing are actually DETRIMENTAL to your fertility?


It is imperative to identify these and eliminate them!

You need to add in stress management strategies that actually help you create hormone balance and optimal fertility.   Maybe you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed right now and that’s okay.

I’m here to sort through confusing ineffective information and get you back on the right track.

I’ve helped thousands of couples create their dream of a family.

The Five Step Fertility Solution

not only improves your chances of becoming pregnant but you feel better and healthier in the process.

Can you say that about the medications and procedures that you may have tried so far?

At this crucial point in your painful journey, you really only have 3 options.

Option 1:

You can do nothing. You can stay on your present course and hope that somehow the results of your waiting will be different than what you’ve experienced up until now.

Option 2:

You can try and go it alone.  You can get lost on the internet for days (come on, I know you have already been doing this) getting sucked into the he said/she said infertility ping pong game within the medical industry and natural community. You may find the research and data that we use but honestly, you may lose your patience and enthusiasm (along with a lot of time) and just get frustrated and give up hope.

Hasn’t this random searching without any guidance caused you enough stress already?!


You can make the ONLY choice that takes all the risk out of bringing you the relief you need…

Option 3:

You can learn from all of the mistakes that my patients have made and be able to avoid them to streamline your process to pregnancy.

You can benefit from all of the information I have compiled from the thousands of patients that I have seen over the last decade plus. You can get your hands on the Five Step Fertility Solution and create the life you long for.


You’ll have my support along the way.

You’ll never be alone in this journey!

  Have you ever wondered if there is anyone who truly “gets” what you are going through?  

Not only am I a fertility specialist and a fertility advocate, but one of my patients called me her BFF.  Her “Best Fertility Friend”.  

I’ve been there.  

I have had the tears stream down my face as I held my friend’s newborn.  Of course I told her they were tears of joy fully knowing they were tears from my own heartache.

I have cringed and felt like I was punched in the gut when others referred to me as “infertile”.

I have bargained and made deals with God and the universe that if I could just get pregnant, then I will…. I have been angry, confused and frustrated because no one seemed to have the answers for me or no one was there to help me through.

But I am happy to say that you don’t need to feel this way anymore!

I want you to be empowered and take control of your fertility creating the life you long for.  

I want you to feel the excitement and the pure joy of creating that pregnancy, like the thousands before you who followed through with this fertility solution.

Instead of wanting to poke your (I-didn’t-have-to-even-try-to-get pregnant) friend in the eye when she’s complaining about sleepless newborn nights, I want you to have gratitude and be thankful for every second you get to spend with your newborn.

Gone are the days

You won’t feel “on the outside” anymore, afraid to attend baby showers, family dinners or be uncomfortable around friends.

Gone will be the days of friends and family playing doctor offering misguided assumptions and annoying comments about why you might not be pregnant yet.

Gone are the awkward diaper, baby or infertility conversations where friends and family feel guilty either talking about it or not talking about it.

It is not easy doing this on your own so why not join others who were told getting pregnant wasn’t in the cards and yet they have gone on to create the families they always wanted?

“Why did I wait so long to do this?”

This is what my patients tell me. This is what prompted me to reach out to the masses.

You see, in my clinic, I’m limited to the number of patients I can see in a day. I’ve helped thousands of women get pregnant all around the world but that’s not enough.

I know I can help more.  

We have serendipitously found each other and I’m so excited!

The clinically proven Five Step Fertility Solution

Because of the Internet, you have access to years of information and a plan to help you conceive.

It’s all right here…

with our Five Step Fertility Solution.

It’s a systemized program designed to guide you through getting your body balanced to optimize fertility.

The program is laid out in an easy to follow manner.

You will have hours upon hours of:

Audios and videos, expert advice, The Fertility Bible ebook, tips, checklists, and more. Not only will you get the Five Step Fertility Solution but you will have access to videos on specific special fertility considerations including:

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,

Recurrent Miscarriage,
Male Fertility,
Secondary Fertility,
Fertility Over 40,
Unexplained Fertility,
Thyroid and Fertility,
and more.

You know what makes me sick to my stomach?

The cost of infertility!

Doesn’t it just seem wrong?

That those who can’t afford fertility treatments or additional procedures are left to leave their dream behind?  

This is especially frustrating when I know they WEREN’T GIVEN ALL THE INFORMATION would likely help them conceive.  

I have patients who lost their homes and now have added financial stress to their already stressed lives.

In fact: According to The American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), they list the average price of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in the U.S. to be $12,400. (ASRM does not qualify if this includes medications.)

This is an understatement!

Based on actual patients dealing with fertility issues the number is closer to $20,000 if not more. Since most assisted reproductive technologies are not covered by insurance, the patient has to pay “out-of-pocket”.

This is crazy!  We didn’t choose to have fertility issues!

Patients have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on ineffective, unproven herbs and vitamins. Why not utilize the cost-effective complementary treatments that others have used in an effective streamlined process which adds up to only a cup of coffee or tea a day for the next 6 months?

Having a family is not only for the rich.

That’s why I’ve taken what’s worked and packaged it into an affordable option. If you came to see me in the clinic, you’d spend an average of $2500 over a 6 month period of time. (I’m not even the most expensive out there.)

Now you have the chance to receive the same information my patients who became pregnant received for a fraction of that price.


I wanted to choke this guy for what he said

I have a “former” friend who told me he likes to work with people who have fertility issues because they will pay for anything he recommends.  

I thought this was disgusting.  

It took all my energy not to reach across the table and choke him.  It was only a decade ago that I was one of those people being taken advantage of! 

Limited Time Opportunity for you

I could offer this program to you for $800-$1200.  

But I just can’t do that

Because I know the struggle you have been going through emotionally AND financially.    

We’ve taken a lot of consideration into the pricing of this opportunity.

So, for a limited time, I am making the Five Step Fertility Solution Program available to you for $199.00.

This price is a bargain when compared to the cost of the IVF, fertility specialists, procedures and especially a bargain when compared to the emotional costs of feeling sad, alone, angry, depressed and frustrated.


“Stacey and her information in the fertility program saved our marriage. We were fighting, not communicating and moving further and further apart. But through this program we realized again why we loved each other in the first place. Not only that we’ve been able to expand our 2 person family to 3 we are hoping for more in the future. We are so grateful, Mindy and John”


The Five Step Fertility Solution

We are giving you ALL the info including medical breakthroughs and research to maximize your results.

You get IMMEDIATE digital access to: eBook Videos Audios Pdfs Checklists PLUS information on 7 special considerations
This is an extraordinary value for streamlined information that works!   Alright, the time has come for you to take action.

You have everything to gain from doing the Five Step Fertility Solution and NOTHING to lose.

I invite you to take advantage of this limited-time offer before it’s gone.

By doing so, I know that you’re taking the first and BIGGEST step toward your goal of having a family.

Just click the button above to add the Five Step Fertility Solution to your cart and you’ll be on your way to getting healthier and optimizing your body for pregnancy.


Stacey Roberts
The Baby Maker

P.S. Remember that if you don’t take action today, you may miss out on this unique opportunity. We can only offer this discount for a limited time. 

P.P.S.  Having access to Monthly Q&A sessions is an incredible opportunity to get YOUR specific questions addressed. This is an incredible BONUS at the Platinum Level for you to have such access!


Still not sure? We have 3 options to help you take charge of your fertility.

7000+ babies and counting! We keep track of births not success rates. Data is often manipulated regarding “success rates” when others keep track of only pregnancies. Even if one miscarries, it’s considered a success for the clinic — but not for you.

If you aren’t sure you which option is for you because you don’t know enough about me (see our About Us section), you could:

Check out our FFertility-Cycle-LOGO_SilverREE SILVER option.

See if what I have to say in my tips resonates with you. See if you find them helpful and use the opportunity to ask for more information or for more on certain fertility related topics. The only downside to this choice is the information you’ll get is limited and you’ll miss out on proven techniques and tips plus our special introductory prices for our Gold and Platinum Plus access levels. 


When you recognize the value in our information and want to tap into more of my expertise by accessing the 5 Step Fertility Solution Program or get more in depth information, insight and tips on your particular fertility issue , then check out our Gold:

Our GOLD Option has more.  

You receive my best selling ebook The Fertility Bible: Your Five Step Fertility Solution to Becoming Pregnant Naturally or with IVF, and access to download ONE special considerations video that you choose (see the below chart).  Oh, and we throw in the tips and forum too.


Fertility-Cycle-LOGO_PlatinumChoose the PLATINUM PLUS Option and get everything plus the kitchen sink.

Check out the chart below

Not only do you get to access the Five Step Fertility Solutions Program but you’ll have access to website that features more events, more interviews, updated breakthroughs, etc. 

This is all less than a one time doctor’s visit and considerably less than heading down the in vitro path.

IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO DO IVF YOU MUST check out the Five Step Fertility Solutions Program. It’s designed to help you succeed with your procedure by preparing your body for IVF.

PLUS, you get access to a HUGE BONUES of  Monthly Question & Answer sessions where you can get specific and personal guided instruction all for free with your Platinum Plus investment. This access alone is a savings of hundreds of dollars!

It’s all right here in the form of ebooks, digital downloadable videos, downloadable audios, pdfs so you have INSTANT ACCESS!


Here’s why the Platinum Plus Membership is less than the Gold:

We want to incentivize you to get ALL the most important info, not just some. We know information is power and we want you to achieve your goal! We want you to have access to the entire 5 Step Fertility Solution Program and that has contributed to bringing over 7000+ babies into this world. 

Take advantage of our special introductory offer

You save almost 75%

When you invest in the Five Step Fertility Solution Program at our Platinum Plus Level.

This is a limited time offer and we can’t keep this special on forever so sign up today and save the 75%.

That’s a savings of $350!

Why wouldn’t you sign up for the Platinum Plus?


3 Great options but the Platinum Plus gives you the greatest value, the most information and access to all kinds of resources to help you get pregnant.

Free Tips
Community Forum
The Fertility Bible pdf version
5 Step Fertility Solutions Videos (4+hours of content)
ONE (1) Special Consideration* Video per your request
Q&A Monthly Calls regarding Fertility Topics
2+ Hour Special Consideration Videos for:
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Recurrent Miscarriage
Male Fertility
Secondary Fertility
Fertility Over 40
Unexplained Fertility Issues Video
Thyroid and Fertility
Optimal Communication in Difficult Times Plan
What to do about a Low AMH Video
Fertility Secrets Revealed: Most Common Fertility Myths Busted
One hour audio How To Get Off The Emotional Rollercoaster
7 Week Program To Get Off the Emotional Rollercoaster
What You Must Know to Prepare for IVF
Additional Bonuses
Guest Interviews
Early Bird Registration to Events/Webinars
Membership Discounts to Events/Webinars
Product Reviews
*SPECIAL CONSIDERATION Subjects Include: Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Unexplained Fertility, Endometriosis, Recurrent Miscarriage, Fertility Over 40, Male Fertility, Secondary Fertility



Now is the time to take control and let’s get you living the life you long for! Access today and save up to 75%.




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Immediate Access to the entire Program including the 5 Step Fertility Solution, Fertility Bible, ALL Special Consideration Audios & Videos, General Fertility Audios & Videos plus monthly access to to Expert Q&A, Get updates on medical breakthroughs and Research, plus Bonus Materials including checklists, recipes, guest interviews, member discounts on events & webinars, Tips, Forum & more. All in downloadable format
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