Patients come to us with an “I won’t be able to have a baby because” intro but we’re here to change that to a positive one. We want you to leave with a story of “I got pregnant after I was told…”

Patients come to us with all kinds of medical challenges, some identified and others not. The underlying similarity no matter the diagnosis is the fear and worry of not being able to have a baby. We understand this and work hard to support your mental health as well as your physical.

We don’t believe in calling the pregnancies and births associated with our clinic and site “Success Stories”. Having a baby is not a “success”, just like NOT having a baby is definitely not a failure.

We believe the miracle of conception is much bigger than just simply achieving a goal or being successful. Our stories are ones of creation, many times preceded by a significant struggle with yourself and/or possibly your partner.  So when that positive test comes along it’s really about how significantly you have grown through the process and how much more you will appreciate this pregnancy, this birth and this child when you do become a parent for the first time or again. We have literally thousands of creation stories. Here are just a few. I also send out creation stories in our fertility tips from time to time. So I hope you enjoy them, and find inspiration and hope to continue on your journey to create the life that you long for.

Also, when you get pregnant, please share your story with us by email. We want to hear how you are doing!


Not one but two!

Hi Stacey,

Regarding your tips, I have found them very useful and comforting but I now have twins, Alba and Orlando who are nearly 6 months. Both my husband and I followed your advice and [your] books. We were successful to have twins! I can’t sing your praises high enough on your 5 steps to fertility!! I have recommended so many of my friends to you to seek help. I am so bewildered that often they don’t act on my advice and are still struggling to have a baby. If only people knew how simple it really is to achieve steps towards being able to have a baby. I must admit that over the years I didnt fully commit myself to the regime, but I once I wholly and souly committed myself I was pregnant within a few months. I felt like banging my head on a brick wall – why didn’t I commit myself sooner?

Good luck and keeping tooting as loud as you can!



FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Your program + IVF worked!

Hello Stacey,

I was a patient of yours some time ago and after two successful IVF cycles ( the first resulting in a beautiful baby girl in September 2009 and the second resulting in a beautiful baby boy in October 2011) the success of which I attribute to having been on your program – and then just when we thought we were done a little surprise bundle decided to come along, another baby boy born in August 2013 I can happily say we have our hands well and truly full.

I continue to recommend you to any friend who vaguely mentions wanting to start a family and this will sound weird but in a way, looking at the positive, I can say that one of the benefits of taking so long to conceive ( it was nearly two years of trying for us) is that in that time I learned a lot about my body and being healthy and the importance of ‘detoxifying’ your life  – the majority of which I got from your program so a long overdue THANK YOU!

Kindest Regards




FertilityCycleLogoART-Only I was told I was in menopause

Hi Stacey,

I have great news!

Christmas came early for me… the baby that was never meant to be – arrived!

Six and a half years ago I had a child – falling pregnant within weeks of going off the pill. Therefore, when I went off the pill I assumed I’d fall pregnant again very easily…how wrong was I!

After three months and no period, the fertility and menopause experts told me I was clearly in menopause…and with a consistent FSH reading of 150, there was no real reason to doubt them. I was heart broken and spent many hours wondering why…

You offered me a ray of hope (and were honest saying if the FSH did not change within 6 months then there wasn’t as much hope.)

Yes, the experts may say the you had nothing to do with me falling pregnant…but they were also the ones who said it would NOT happen. In my mind, you did help and I’ll always be so very grateful.

Thanks so very much.

From W


 FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Proud mother

Just wanted to let you know that I am now the very elated and proud mother to our son born 29th November 2010 weighing 9 pound 15 ounces.  With your help we now have two beautiful children.


 FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Embryo transfer was positive

Hi Stacey,

I am pregnant!!

My embryo transfer was positive!  I am so grateful to you and your team for the time you have given me over the last 12months, I know I wouldn’t be pregnant without your help.  You do wonderful work and are truly eager to help people. 

I declare my love for all of you!

I will write again soon.


  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Thank you a thousand times

Hi Stacey,

Our son Dean was born August 25th and he is the most precious little thing we have ever seen. Thank you a thousand times over for your help in bringing him to the world. As all parents we think he is the cutest baby and he’s also a good baby. Very happy and content. He’s also been sleeping through the night since he was 61/2 weeks old. What a legend!

Thanks again for all your help.


  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only 44 days and pregnant

I have been on your program for 44 days now; I went to a GP and she confirmed that I am PREGNANT. I am very happy. Thank you so much!!!!!

I can’t thank you enough. There was only a short period where my husband was at home before he left for Timor and this has been a big surprise for the both of us.

Thank you again.

Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane


 FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Our dream of a family became a reality

Dear Stacey,

Thank you for your support and expertise, which has enabled our dream of being a family to become a reality. The work you complete is truly amazing.

Danny and Helen

  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Big brothers enjoying their little sister

Please find enclosed a photo of my dear little daughter Grace at nine weeks of age. She is a great girl and doing all the right things, i.e. sleeping through the night and progressing well. I am really enjoying her. Her big brothers love to wheel her around in her stroller as if it were a racing car – a bit rough I think, but Grace doesn’t seem to mind or object.

I am feeling well (best I’ve felt all year) with plenty of energy.

With thanks.


  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Pregnancy confirmed

Thus far I am four days overdue, YIPPEE! Will phone ASAP if pregnant.

Safety Bay, Western Australia

Note: Pregnancy was confirmed

  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only We got our wish

Hi Stacey,

I thought that after I stopped taking the pill to start to try to fall pregnant all would be fine and we would have no trouble conceiving…how wrong I was…after several trips to the doctor and specialists, no period and no pregnancy, I decided to give you a call.

So all in all we finally got our wish and I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy Ellis.

I want to thank you for assisting us to make our dream come true.

Yours sincerely


  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Being pregnant is such a wonderful feeling

Dear Stacey and staff, This thank you is well overdue. I thank you very much for your assistance and support throughout these last twelve months and also in the future. As of today,  I am twelve weeks pregnant. It is such a wonderful feeling.  Once again, thank you, and I look forward to future contact.

South Australia

  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Outlooked on life improved

I wanted to write and express our heartfelt thanks to you as I am five and a half weeks pregnant. People who are close to me have commented on how my outlook on life seems to have improved, and that I seem much happier.

We cannot thank you enough for helping us get this far naturally.

Wodonga, Victoria

  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only Line on the pregnancy test

“I was just so amazed. I did a home pregnancy test and saw the faint line, couldn’t believe it, did another test, and I was just gobsmacked,”


  FertilityCycleLogoART-Only PCOS and pregnant

Dear Stacey

Thanks again for all your support and advice. I really had no idea how to deal with PCOS until I met you and heard the wonderful teleconference (ebook is based on the teleconference) that you gave. That really changed everything for me because that is when I changed my diet and lifestyle, and BANG!!!! I was pregnant!  I am now 13 weeks pregnant and doing well. I heard the heartbeat last week which was really nice and comforting!

Natalie NSW


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