The Fertility Bible Book

Your Five Step Fertility Solution
for Becoming Pregnant Naturally or with IVF


One in six couples is diagnosed with fertility issues. Even though improving one’s health to increase the chances of getting pregnant has been proven by scientific studies, many move through the medical system without addressing their health along the way.

The Fertility Bible explains how to get pregnant naturally or with IVF by giving clinically proven, practical information on how to improve egg quality and how to improve sperm health which not many people consider.

Focusing on the perceived limitations in the media every day contributes to the increased stress that couples who are trying to conceive are dealing with. The Fertility Bible, a book written by the Baby Maker™ Stacey Roberts, challenges old, outdated theories and focuses on the possibilities.

Stacey Roberts, whose clinic has thousands of pregnancies and births associated with her practice, has created a comprehensive guide in the Fertility Bible book with her Five Step Fertility Solution to Becoming Pregnant Naturally or with IVF.

In The Fertility Bible book you will find:

  • The Most sought after Five Step Fertility Solution
  • Most Commonly Overlooked Areas and How To Address Them
  • A Refreshing Focus on What Is Possible Regarding Your Fertility
  • BONUS INFO: What Your Doctor May Not Have Told You About Male and Female Fertility

The Fertility Bible eBook is included with the Five Step Fertility Solution Program. 

On The Fertility Bible book:  This book really provides you insight as to ways that you can actually take control and help improve your own fertility. So many times we feel at the mercy of chance, nature, or the medical system, but there is really so much that we can do to help ourselves to become an active participant rather than a passive observer. This book is a wonderful resource!  —Kim

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