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As a member of Tips To Get Pregnant .com, you get more than the Tips and Forum for Free. You get a whole lot of help getting pregnant naturally with valuable information and tools to address a range of topics on fertility.

For once, I’m not just reading about the big picture problems like how trying to have a baby is stressful on a relationship. I’m actually getting step by step help on what to say and what to do with my husband so we can keep our sanity–and our marriage together. The help they give is more like a plan and not just a spotlight on the problem.

We make the content easy to grab and understand.



These can range from interviewing physicians who cross conventional treatments with integrative treatment plans to interviews by a Fertility acupuncturist and learning more about specific points on the body that trigger healthy fertility.

We do the research and reference checks on the “Who” and then we interview them to share with you the “How” in giving you help getting pregnant naturally.

Members spotlight and their struggles, successes, advice

Members introduce their struggles and triumphs and their advice to you on this journey of getting pregnant naturally. Not only can you grab valuable fertility insight but you get a quick reminder that you are not alone and you have the support of others if needed.

Conference notes or highlights

We’ll be your representative and review new data from conferences or get the highlights of opportunities that share the insight, motivation or breaking news in the fertility world. We know you’re busy living your life. We’ll bring the conference to you.

Top 10 lists

From what positions best help getting pregnant naturally to Must Do things to do to prepare your body to get pregnant, we’ll compile bite size fertility information in list format so you can spend more time focusing on being happy and not overwhelmed with getting pregnant.


Downloadable and printable checklists to keep you on task. This simple format features everything from introducing you to the most important do’s and don’t’s related to getting pregnant. We sprinkle in strategic mental strategies as well to reduce stress to help get you pregnant naturally or with IVF.

Subject of the month

With so much fertility help “out there”, we organize and streamline it monthly. For example, one month we focus on Relationships. We interview experts to explain the best positions to make a baby. We highlight aphrodisiac foods, how to get in shape to feel sexy, tips to the husbands, audios on low libido and fear of disappointment, teaching you ways to communicate with your partner.

Survey results

Get data from patients, members, product reviews, doctors–we show you what others are saying when looking for help getting pregnant naturally.

Product reviews

From ovulation and fertility kits to pregnancy supplements all claiming to improve your chances of conceiving, we’ll get reviews from respectable sources.

News and updates

Browse latest fertility news and updates including technology breakthroughs, the latest on natural fertility methods, and how other couples who were told it would never happen for them and how they ended up getting pregnant naturally or with IVF.

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