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The Five Step Fertility Solution Program is super charged with more information in one place than you’ve ever seen before. It is a program for those struggling with infertility to get answers and have access to fertility experts.

Benefits to Your Five Step Fertility Solution Program include access to a variety of mediums like videos, webinars, audios packed with tools and tips to help you get pregnant. You also get Fertility events allow for the opportunity to ask specific questions pertaining to you.

7 Reasons Why You Won’t Find Anything Like This Anywhere Else

1. Stacey Roberts and her team are constantly reviewing and analyzing new research. 

This Fertility Program helps sort through what’s coming at your on the internet. For example, there are studies indicating women create eggs as opposed to getting a set amount at puberty. This is ground breaking data. With Stacey’s medical background, she can decipher and analyze the data and teach you what to do with that information. Stacey says, “I found that AMH testing and its position in determining your fertility is inaccurate. I’ll explain why inside the site.”

2. It’s not Us vs Them.

This Fertility Program makes is easy on you so you don’t have to pick sides… This site carefully considers natural fertility as well as in vitro fertilization (IVF). Most sites are an either/or philosophy. We are open-minded and have data to support both as a viable means to pregnancy. We collaborate with doctors and become your Fertility Liaison. If you choose to do IVF, then we want you to have the greatest chance for it to work. We put you on a program to get your body ready. It’s like packing before a trip. Would you go on a trip without packing what you need to prepare for it? No. And you shouldn’t do the same to your body. We’ll give you information with specific steps to help you prepare.

3. Stacey Roberts is a trusted resource.

Stacey Roberts has been in this industry for years and have successfully assisted in over 7000 births. (This data a significant benefit to you when doing your research.) We track every one of them. This is important: We keep track of births not success rates. Stacey comes from a science background and data is important. Data is often manipulated when others keep track of only pregnancies. Even if one miscarries, it’s considered a success for the clinic– but not for you.

4. We have a 5 Step Fertility Program that works.

This Fertility Program has been perfected over the years to maximize results. We help motivate you to follow each step and to treat it like “medication”. We know if a doctor prescribes a pill, a patient takes it diligently. We want you to have the same discipline. This fertility benefit simplifies your overwhelming “What do am I supposed to do next to get pregnant? questioning.

5. You have access to Stacey to ask specific questions pertaining to you.

You’ll get monthly Q & A sessions with Stacey Roberts where you can ask her specific questions about you and your situation. Plus, you can learn from others who are asking questions you haven’t considered. 

6. You can access information when you have the time.

You have audio and video files filled with easy to digest information for you to review. We know you have urgency in getting pregnant so this Fertility Program gives you access to the downloads ready to go when you want to listen and watch. We will continue to add to the archives with every webinar or event we host.

7. Stacey has an inside perspective.

It’s one thing to read, study and preach the Dos and Don’ts to fertility. But when you’ve been through the emotional rollercoaster of monthly highs and lows, tension with your partner and utter frustration from being overwhelmed with “Internet overload”, you get it. Stacey knows first hand what you are experiencing and therefore understand your urgency, your mindframe and your journey in trying to get pregnant. This makes for a site that has meaningful content with action steps  The whole team works overtime to simplify the information and get you to achieve your goal of starting a family and getting pregnant now.

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