When I was struggling with fertility, I felt like I was all alone. Then I found you.

We know and applaud the efforts of the amazing fertility forums that exist online. However, our Forum is different. It’s an optional bonus geared toward discussing specific topics derived from our webinars and tips designed specifically for you.

“Sometimes I didn’t even know the questions to ask until I started listening to Stacey’s webinars.” 

We’ve learned that after our webinars, participants are even more hungry to keep the conversation going.

The Fertility Forum is a great opportunity to find answers to the questions thought of after the webinar.

It’s up to you

We realize some of you want to be more private and not participate and that’s totally fine. But, we also know there are others who want more discussion on the particular topics we present.

We want to provide you with more than the Best Selling book, The Fertility Bible and the countless hours of information-packed videos and audios. We want to give you further opportunity to discuss and ask questions with like minded individuals because you deserve it.

Let’s Help Each Other

The Fertility Forum participants help each other aiding in a powerful education on their journey to pregnancy.

The Fertility Forum for members is a safe and anonymous place.

We realize you have valuable experiences to share. So, we have this community helping and supporting each other to become pregnant naturally or with IVF.

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