The Five Step Fertility Solution and Tips to Get Pregnant.com is the basis for our Fertility Events.  With new fertility information surfacing all the time, we get you the latest updates and information in the fertility world PLUS we offer a range of fertility events in a variety of formats including webinars, conferences, etc. for you to access experts in a variety of fields.

When we put on a specific fertility event, whether it be a webinar or conference, with your membership bonus at    tipstogetpregnant.com, you personally have a chance to access Stacey and other experts to ask whatever specific or burning question(s) you have during these events.

“How can I prevent a miscarriage?”

“What can I do to prepare my body for pregnancy?”

“What kinds of foods should I eat when trying to conceive?”

“Can I get pregnant if I have polycystic ovarian syndrome?”

“What do I need to know if I’m over 40 and want to have a baby?”

“How can I get pregnant fast?”  

“What questions should I ask my doctor?”

“What are the most common reasons for infertility?”

“Will endometriosis make me infertile?”

“How can I increase my fertility naturally?”

As you can see, we address many different facets of getting your body ready for a viable pregnancy.

If you’re burning question wasn’t listed above, please ask. Chances are, after over a decade of experience, the answer is in our program.


These fertility events are powerful opportunities to keep you on track with your journey and provide you additional support.

These sessions are driven by you and your questions. If you don’t have any specific questions or too many to narrow it down, you can also learn from others who are searching for answers as well as gain invaluable insight to your specific situation by listening in. We’ve seen this be a huge addition to filling in “missing pieces” along your journey to motherhood.

Be sure to sign up and take in an easy way to learn more about infertility, your options and your health.




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