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“You are my last chance!””
As she reached across my desk and grabbed my arm, with tears rolling down her cheek, she whispered to me, “You are my last chance.” This what one of my first fertility patients said to me so many years ago as she looked for fertility support.

She continued to tell me how not one of her friends had any problems getting pregnant. She was “the only one”. She tried everything and nothing worked.  “You are my last resort.  I will cut off my arm with a butter knife or run down this street naked if that is what I have to do to get pregnant.”  At 41 she was desperate.  She found no fertility support. After 4 years of trying and several expensive procedures I was it, the end of a long and winding road, which thankfully ended 6 months later, when her pregnancy journey started.

Though not often as traumatic or dramatic, however you want to look at it, this was a story that in varying degrees became quite familiar to me over the years.

Accompanying this sort of pain usually creates a mindset of something is wrong with me.  Why can’t I do this? Why does it happen for everyone else but me?” “I am not good enough” or “I am not deserving of happiness can follow.”

Smiling babies with their joyous parents depicted in ads everywhere you look as well as bulging tummies, not of the muffin top variety but of the pending motherhood variety, seem to haunt your waking moments.

Since you are reading this, you may be struggling with some of these frustrations.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE. According to the CDC, there are 6.4 million women in the US alone dealing with fertility issues. The good news is there is power in streamlined trusted tested information. And you can have that at your fingertips with our community and fertility support.

We built this entire site for you to gather new information and the tried and true methods that can help you trade desperation for dirty diapers.  But just as important, we want to offer you a community of like minded people for support and insight. Many times it’s information your doctor may not even know about yet, but somebody else’s doctor or health professional did know and they are sharing it here.

We help you get the power and control back.

You can participate anonymously in our Forum  or simply access the tips or gather information from events. Your level of participation is up to you. Should you choose to do the 5 Step Fertility Program, we’ll arm you with invaluable steps to help get you pregnant and give you comprehensive fertility support.

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