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Fertility Experts are not all the same.  Our experts focus on balance, natural health and optimizing your overall well being, providing a solid platform to get create a viable pregnancy.

Stacey Roberts - Fertility Experts, Published Author

Stacey Roberts is recognized as an international natural fertility and women’s health expert who has assisted people in over 35 countries with improving their overall health and fertility. Stacey improved the program developed by Ruth Sharkey in the 1980’s with my background in science. This program and its new and improved version has helped couples create over 7000 babies. Many were told it would never happen to them.

— Stacey Roberts – International Fertility Expert, Published Author


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Laura - Communications and Fertility Experts

When Laura Leszczynski was asked to bring experience and expertise to help provide information for those who need help getting pregnant, without hesitation Laura said, “Count me in!”

—Laura Leszczynski – Communications Expert, Patient Advocate

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